Wicanders Cork Flooring Reviews

Wicanders® Cork Flooring

The line of Wicanders® cork planks and cork tiles is the result of new technologies, which with intensive research about today’s trends has enabled Wicanders® to create a philosophy of flooring options that are revolutionizing the traditional concept of cork flooring. Wicanders® brings to life motifs that can transform a cork floor and makes it look like stone, ceramic, metal, while keeping all the beneficial properties of cork.

New attributes are being developed in the new collection to give a style that was not possible before. You can now choose cork flooring that displays all the elegance and refinement of other materials. This results in an infinite array of choices for consumers. Textures have also been explored to enrich the range of options. Wicanders® brings to consumers a new approach to home decor, and environmentally floors that are in harmony with nature and human emotions.

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Wicanders cork flooring for a country elegance

The effects and nuances of Wicanders® cork flooring suggest a return to nature by providing down to earth sensations. A timeless comfort and elegance that can be enjoyed day after day.

Wicanders cork flooring for bold luxury

Fashion affects all we do, including home decor. Wicanders® cork is inspired by the new trends in metallic visual effects. Dark colors are intensified to captivate and enhance the atmosphere in a room.

Textures add contrast and vibrant colors with a dynamism that is hard to match. A floor with Wicanders® cork planks is unsurpassed. It is modern, has its own identity and will match your own bold personality.

If there are some Wicanders® cork flooring drawbacks, they will not be found in the quality or the looks of the flooring material, but possibly for some people it will be the price. All Wicanders floors carry a 15 year warranty for residential use, and 5 years for commercial use.

Where can you buy Wicanders cork? How much should you expect to pay for it?

In the US, Amazon carries a couple of selections of Wicander’s cork floor and you can buy samples at the cost of about $5.00. Fast Floors has a great selection of Wicanders products at competitive prices. The examples below are from Fast Floors click on the images to get more information. It is impossible to tell the quality of these products on a screen. My advice is to order some samples to help you decide.

How much cork flooring material do you need? Click here for a calculator.

The sample below are but a small idea of what is available in Wicanders flooring, you can view the full selection here

icon Series 1000 Tile Pebbles
Colors available: Autumn, Metallic, Rain, & Storm
Series 100 Plank President with WRT
Colors: Chestnut, Chocolate Brown, Spice, & Tea
Series 100 Panel Identity with WRT
Colors: Eden, Silver, Tea, & Tenne
Series 100 Plank Traces with WRT
Colors: Auburn, Chestnut, & Spice

FastFloors - Save up to 70% on Cork Flooring

If you have already bought Wicanders Cork Flooring and have any comments to share please let us know how you like it, or if you had any problem please share those as well.

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